Abd al basset Almamou, Jochen Schiller, Houda Labiod, Mesut Günes,
A Case for an Overlay Routing On Top of MAC layer for WSN,
In: The Second International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (SENSORCOMM 2008), August 2008.

Abstract: Wireless sensor nodes can organize themselves after deployment in a large scale ad hoc network topology. Some traditional Ad hoc routing protocols do not take into account that a sensor node has limited capacities, e.g. energy. Therefore, they try to perform the sensing task regardless of the maximum hops and duration it take. In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), this routing solution is unrealistic, so we derive from the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) an overlay routing for WSNs called ScatterDHT as a routing solution, develop a prototype implementation and apply it over ScatterWeb sensor nodes. This paper describes the ScatterDHT overlay routing protocol and figures out the performance evaluation of the implemented prototype over real-world sensor nodes regarding to two metrics (a) memory utilization and (b) power consumption.


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