Imed Bouazizi, Mesut Günes,
A video streaming framework for transporting MPEG-4 Video over mobile ad-hoc networks,
In: Proceedings of the 2nd Mediterranean Workshop on Ad-Hoc Networks (Med-Hoc-Net'2003), (Abdelfettah Belghith, Sami Tabbane, Naouel Ben Ali, Achraf Gazdar Ed.), Multimedia, pp. 211--218, 25-27 June 2003.

Abstract: Video streaming applications are getting more and more popular among Internet users. Video conferencing, Video-on-Demand and video surveillance are just examples of video streaming applications. An emerging need to make such applications available in mobile multi-hop ad-hoc networks can be observed clearly through the last research effort made in this direction. Several challenges, related to the nature of mobile wireless networks have to be dealt with, in order to make the deployment of video streaming applications over mobile multi-hop adh-hoc networks feasible with an acceptable quality. In this paper, we present a framework for streaming video over mobile multi-hop wireless networks. The framework is composed of four components handling several problems of video streaming over multi-hop ad-hoc networks. The focus in this paper is nevertheless set on the loss control component, realized through augmented functionality of intermediate nodes. We also present some experimental results which identify the reasons for the quality deterioration and show the improvements achieved through the deployment of our framework.


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