Imed Bouazizi, Mesut Günes,
Selective Proxy Caching for Robust Video Transmission over Lossy Networks,
In: Proceedings of International Conference on Information Technology: Research and Education (ITRE 2003), 10-13 August 2003.

Abstract: In this work, we propose an approach for the deployment of video proxy caching for robust video transmission over lossy networks. Video packets are classified by the server according to their valuableness for the decoding process and the perceived video quality. This can be easily realized using a framework for objective video quality measurement along with the frame prediction type. When deployed within the network, e.g. in intermediate multicast routers or proxy caches, this technique helps achieving great quality improvements. By identifying the most important video packets and caching them for short time, retransmission request can be processed quickly, while saving precious time and bandwidth over retransmissions issued by the server. An analytical model as well as experiments have been developed and carried out to show the gain in video quality at the receiver side, that can be achieved through selective video packet caching and retransmission.


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