Andreas Dittrich, Jon Kowal, Miroslaw Malek,
Designing Survivable Services from Independent Components with Basic Functionality,
In: International Workshop on Dependable Network Computing and Mobile Systems (DNCMS), pp. 33-38, Naples, Italy: IEEE Computer Society, 2008.

Abstract: Automatic network service configuration techniques focus on the configuration of the attributes describing the different layers involved in service communication and treat service instances monolithically - they either exist in the network which means that they are fully usable or they do not. This approach does not work well in environments where resources are insufficiently dependable and the types of services used are not well known or standardized. This paper proposes a model to compose complex services from independent components with basic functionality that are organized as minimal services in the same service-oriented architecture. The approach promises to better handle run-time diagnostics and on-the-fly (re-)composition of service functionality in networks with highly dynamic capabilities.

Keywords: survivability; adaptivity; composition; service-oriented architecture


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