Mesut Günes, Cord Spreckelsen,
Tools for Intelligent Learning Applications in The Internet,
In: WebNet, WBS, 1999.

Abstract: Using hypertext to support work, learning and research, has have increasingly popular. The user can arbitrarily navigate in the information space. Yet many approaches do not consider the aims, interests and the knowledge of the user. This paper introduces a method for the intelligent and dynamic generation of hypertexts from an information space, and for the support of navigation in large, complex hyper documents, which is based on the modelling of the application domain. Intelligent generation of hypertext is based on different inference strategies, for horn clause resolution. The generated hypertext is problem-oriented and presented in a context sensitive manner. Furthermore, the structure of the hypertext is presented graphically and serves as a navigation support for the user. All tools related to this work are implemented in Java.


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