Mesut Günes, Udo Sorges, Imed Bouazizi,
ARA - The Ant-Colony Based Routing Algorithm for MANETs,
In: Proceedings of the 2002 ICPP Workshop on Ad Hoc Networks (IWAHN 2002), (Stephan Olariu Ed.), Vol. 00, Routing, pp. 79-85, Los Alamitos, CA, USA: IEEE Computer Society, August 2002.

Abstract: A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes which communicate over radio. These kind of networks are very flexible, thus they do not require any existing infrastructure or central administration. Therefore, mobile ad-hoc networks are suitable for temporary communication links. The biggest challenge in this kind of networks is to find a path between the communication end points, what is aggravated through the node mobility. In this paper we present a new on-demand routing algorithm for mobile, multi-hop ad-hoc networks. The protocol is based on swarm intelligence and especially on the ant colony based meta heuristic. These approaches try to map the solution capability of swarms to mathematical and engineering problems. The introduced routing protocol is highly adaptive, efficient and scalable. The main goal in the design of the protocol was to reduce the overhead for routing. We refer to the protocol as the Ant-Colony-Based Routing Algorithm (ARA).


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