Mesut Günes, Jörg Reibel,
An IP Address Configuration Algorithm for Zeroconf. Mobile Multi-hop Ad-Hoc Networks,
In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Broadband Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks and Services, Addressing, Sophia Antipolis, France: ETSI, September 2002.

Abstract: Mobile multi-hop ad-hoc networks promise an efficient and very exible way of establishing a communication connection. One aspect of these kind of networks is their convenience, which is some times neglected in research. Especially for civil applications, this aspect of ad-hoc networks need more attention. It is expected that users neither need to know much of networks nor perform complex configuration tasks to establish a connection. Therefore this kinds of networks have to not only handle a very difficult environment, but also have to be very easy to use. One of the basic requirement of networking is that each node in the network has a unique identification, also called an address. In the internet and in local area networks IP addresses are common. Mobile ad-hoc networks should also use IP addresses thus the devices will be same and also to allow the interconnection of ad-hoc networks to the internet. It is an open question how to provide IP addresses to nodes in mobile multi-hop ad-hoc networks. In this work we introduce a new dynamic IP address configuration algorithm for mobile multi-hop ad-hoc networks. Further we show through simulation results, made with ns-2, the performance of the proposed addressing algorithm and compare it with other approaches.


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