Mesut Günes, Jan Siekermann,
CosMos -- Communication Scenario and Mobility Scenario Generator for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks,
International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), No. Tr-05-003, August 2005.

Abstract: One of the most important components of mobile ad-hoc network simulations is the mobility model, since it defines the movement of mobile nodes and thus indirectly the network topology. The network topology at a given time in turn influences the performance of an ad-hoc network, for example the performance of routing algorithms changes with the mobility model. In this paper we introduce a communication and mobility scenario generator for mobile multi-hop ad-hoc networks. The goal is to aid researchers in the design of 'realistic' simulation scenarios which emulate real cities. Our approach combines a wide variety of well understood random mobility models with a graph-based zone model, where each zone has its own mobility model and parameters. The combination of directed, weighted graphs where the weights correspond to the flow of mobile nodes between neighboring zones and zones with different mobility models, allows the researcher design more realistic simulation scenarios.


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