Mesut Günes, Jan Siekermann,
Are Ad-hoc Networks Able to Substitute Cellular Networks? - A Performance Comparison of Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols in Realistic Scenarios,
In: International Workshop on Wireless Ad-hoc Networks (IWWAN'05), International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), May 2005.

Abstract: There are several deployment scenarios for mobile ad-hoc networks discussed in the literature. However, the most results have been made in artificial environments. In this paper we study the performance of state of the art routing protocols for mobile multi-hop ad-hoc networks in an environment which emulates a city downtown. The studied simulation environment differs in three aspects from that of well known: i) The used mobility model emulates a city downtown with several zones and different mobility models. ii) The number of mobile nodes and the number of connections is inspired from real traces. iii) We use duplex-connections.


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