Mesut Günes, Bastian Blywis, Jochen Schiller,
A hybrid Testbed for long-term Wireless Sensor Network Studies,
In: International Workshop on Sensor Network Engineering (IWSNE'08), June 2008.

Abstract: The research area of wireless sensor networks is in a mature phase. Many fundamental problems have been identified and various approaches proposed as solutions. However, there still is a lack of long-term studies about performance, reliability, and maintenance of wireless sensor networks. Industrial style products used for safety critical application scenarios need extended and reproducible test runs. Simulations alone cannot suffice the evaluation requirements for real world deployments in health care, disaster management, or fire detection. In this paper we address the lack of long-term experiments of large-scale wireless sensor networks. We introduce our work in progress testbed for such trials in reference to current and future projects of our research group.


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