Amine Kchiche, Farouk Kamoun, Sadeq Ali Makram, Mesut Günes,
A Traffic-Aware Infrastructure-Based Architecture for Inter-vehicules File Sharing,
In: The Second International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing Systems Services and Technologies (UBICOMM '08), pp. 44-49, Valencia, Spain: IEEE, 29 2008-Oct. 4 2008.

Abstract: Communication and content sharing between cars has become one of the most interesting services for mobile users. Nevertheless, most efforts in this research field still is focused on direct opportunistic meetings between cars, which may result in poor performance. In this paper, we present a global architecture for vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET) that overcomes the intermittent nature of connectivity on VANETs and provides a consistent global peer-to-peer sharing service among participating vehicles. We propose a traffic aware organization of access points. Besides enabling the connection of distant vehicles and though extending the file-sharing environment, we study through simulation, the influence of incorporating vehicles traffic in the organization of access points on the performance of the sharing service.


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