Sadeq Ali Makram, Mesut Günes, Martin Wenig, Alexander Zimmermann,
Adaptive Channel Assignment to Support QoS and Load Balancing for Wireless Mesh Networks,
RWTH Aachen University, No. AIB-2007-16, 2007.

Abstract: One of the most promising wireless technologies are Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN). The aggregate capacity of wireless mesh networks can be improved significantly be equipping each node with several Wireless Network Interfaces (WNICs) and by using multiple channels in order to minimize the interference and to provide high performance in such networks. To achieve these benefits it requires a good channel assignment planning. The channels have to be assigned in such a way, that interference is decreased and performance is increased at the same time. Since the number of available channels is limited, it is desired to allocate and reallocate channels dynamically on-demand. In this paper, a dynamic channel assignment, is proposed to the aforementioned problem which is adaptive to the load in the wireless mesh network. The algorithm add or select a channel for those heavy loaded nodes, based on the local informations of the neighbor nodes. The selected or the added channel that minimizes the interference and insure the network connectivity. The simulation results show that our algorithm improve the network capacity by approximately 50% in comparison to a static channel assignment.


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