Philipp Reinecke, Katinka Wolter,
Last-Minute Paper Submissions Forgotten Passwords and Greylisting -- An Interesting Dilemma and How to Solve It,
In: Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Performability Modeling of Computer and Communication Systems (PMCCS-9), (Horváth, Gábor, Joshi, Kaustubh, Heindl, Armin Ed.), pp. 39--42, September 17--18, 2009 2009.

Abstract: Internet services often use e-mail messages to interact with the user. On the other hand, nowadays many mail administrators employ Greylisting cite{Harris03}, i.e. artificial delays of incoming mail, in an attempt to combat spam. While the latter is a noble undertaking, it may also lead to unacceptable delays in the transmission of important mail traffic. Problems of this kind, where the user cannot control the characteristics of the system itself, can be addressed by restart of the failed (or delayed) action. In this extended abstract we consider the application of the restart method to reduce greylisting-related delays in transmitting mails. We perform a small case-study and identify open problems. Furthermore, we point out future research directions in the application of the restart method in service-oriented systems.


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