Kirsten Terfloth, Mesut Günes, Jochen Schiller,
Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks - The Comfortable Way of Application Development,
In: Guide to Wireless Sensor Networks, (Sudip Misra, Isaac Woungang, Subhas Chandra Ed.), Springer, 2009.

Abstract: Application development for wireless sensor networks (WSN) demands for exper-tise in distributed as well as embedded programming. To ease the task of applica-tion development and make this area more accessible to non-experts, middleware abstractions are commonly employed. Middleware is defined as software which is located in between software applica-tions. Similar to operating systems, middleware systems provide applications with additional services to implement their functionality in a more abstract manner. Since devices forming a wireless sensor network have only little capabilities in terms of processing power and memory, their corresponding operating systems only provide very basic support for application development. At the same time various kinds of applications do have additional requirements to simplify their implementation. A multitude of middleware approaches are available to fill in this gap, thus pro-vide support for comfortable application development. We will discuss common application building blocks in this domain, discuss a selection of middleware ap-proaches available and provide an evaluation of their applicability by mapping application needs to middleware services.


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