Alexander Zimmermann, Daniel Schaffrath, Michael Faber, Martin Wenig, Mesut Günes,
Improving TCP Performance through Explicit Corruption and Route Failure Notification (ECRFN),
In: Proceedings of 10th ACM International Workshop on Modeling Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM'07), ACM Press, 2007.

Abstract: The TCP was designed with fixed, wired networks in mind. As a result TCP performs suboptimal in networks with noisy links and changing paths, e.g., wireless multi-hop networks. The main reason is that TCP assumes packet loss indicates congestion. However, such fluttering networks drop a non negligible amount of packets because of corruption, route failures and disconnections. In this paper we introduce and evaluate the ECRFN algorithm. ECRFN improves TCP performance in such environments. It treats all possible loss types and features a smart timing scheme in case of path disconnections. It employs an optional router enhancement and exploits common router messages.


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