Bastian Blywis, Mesut Günes, Felix Juraschek, Sebastian Hofmann,
Gossip routing in wireless mesh networks,
In: Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) 2010 IEEE 21st International Symposium on, pp. 1572 -1577, sept. 2010.

Abstract: Gossip routing is an approach to reduce the redundancy of flooding in wireless networks. A study by Haas et al. evaluated different gossip routing variants in simulations on regular and random network topologies. Using the DES-Testbed, a wireless mesh network, we tried to replicate their experiments to evaluate whether the findings hold in real world scenarios. Four different gossip routing variants and the experiment setup are elaborated as well as issues regarding the replication of the experiments discussed. With this study we demonstrate that even small wireless network deployments show a bimodal behavior when a certain probability threshold is passed.

Keywords: flooding;gossip routing;probability;random network topology;wireless mesh networks;wireless network deployments;probability;sensor placement;telecommunication network routing;telecommunication network topology;wireless mesh networks;


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