Bastian Blywis, Mesut Günes, Sebastian Hofmann, Felix Juraschek,
A Study of Adaptive Gossip Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks,
In: Ad Hoc Networks, (Akan, Ozgur, Bellavista, Paolo, Cao, Jiannong, Dressler, Falko, Ferrari, Domenico, Gerla, Mario, Kobayashi, Hisashi, Palazzo, Sergio, Sahni, Sartaj, Shen, Xuemin (Sherman), Stan, Mircea, Xiaohua, Jia, Zomaya, Albert, Coulson, Geoffrey, Zheng, Jun, Simplot-Ryl, David, Leung, Victor C. M. Ed.), ser. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, Vol. 49, pp. 98-113, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2010.

Abstract: Gossip routing is an approach to limit the overhead of flooding in wireless networks. Each node, that receives a packet that would normally be flooded, applies a probabilistic approach. The packet is either forwarded with probability p or dropped with 1 − p. This paper is a follow-up to our last study that evaluated the approaches by Haas et al. in the DES-Testbed, a wireless mesh network. Four different gossip routing variants were discussed which used static parameters to determine the value p. In this study, we compare the proposals by four other entities and discuss whether they show an overall improvement regarding the two most important metrics in this domain: reachability and redundancy. We also discuss the assumptions and parameters of the simulation studies in the context of our experiments in a real world deployment.


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