Norman Dziengel, Marco Ziegert, Zakaria Kasmi, Frederik Hermans, Stephan Adler, Georg Wittenburg, Jochen Schiller,
A Platform for Distributed Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks,
In: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Networks of Cooperating Objects (CONET '10), April 2010.

Abstract: Distributed event detection in wireless sensor networks is an approach to increase event recognition accuracy by fusing correlated parts of events, recognized by multiple sensor nodes. Events range from simple threshold detection to complex events requiring pattern analysis. Our previous deployment in this area of research investigates the possibility to recognize intrusion events, breaching security of wireless sensor network guarded areas. We present a new platform, consisting of an improved system layer and application layer that advances distributed event detection in wireless sensor networks. We improve the event detection accuracy, by applying an ARM7-based sensor board with more precise acceleration sensors. In addition, the threaded fire-kernel and adjusted routing take the restricted resources on wireless sensor nodes into account. In order to gain a higher reliability in the detection results, we employ a distributed data quality estimator. The architecture’s goal is to carry out large-scale deployments on fences of construction sites that detect events as stated above.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, distributed event detection

Themes: Wireless Sensor Networks


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