Mesut Günes, Felix Juraschek, Bastian Blywis, Qasim Mushtaq, Jochen Schiller,
A Testbed for Next Generation Wireless Networks Research,
Special Issue PIK on Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Vol. IV, pp. 208--212, Oktober-Dezember 2009.

Abstract: Various types of multi-hop wireless networks have been subject to research for more than two decades. Famous representatives are mobile ad-hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, and wireless mesh networks. These networks have been studied mainly based on simulations, but there is currently a trend towards testbed-based research, since some characteristics of these networks are hard to model in simulation environments. In this paper we review architectures for next generation wireless networks including the aforementioned ones according to future applications. We introduce the DES-Testbed at the emph{Freie Universität Berlin}, which we believe is suitable to study these architectures or emph{network configurations}, as we call them. Furthermore, we discuss an approach on how to set-up network configurations and perform long-term experiments.


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