Ludwig Ortmann,
Virtualization of the RIOT Operating System,
Diploma thesis, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Freie Universität Berlin, May 2015.

Abstract: Software developers in the growing field of the Internet of Things face many hurdles which arise from the limitations of embedded systems and wireless networking. The employment of hardware and network virtualization promises to allow developers to test and debug hardware independent code without being affected by these limitations. This thesis presents RIOT native, a hardware and network emulation implementation for the RIOT operating system, which enables developers to compile and run RIOT as a process in their host operating system. Running the operating system as a process allows for the use of debugging tools and techniques only available on desktop computers otherwise, the integration of common network analysis tools, and the emulation of arbitrary network topologies. By enabling the use of these tools and techniques for the development of software for distributed embedded systems, the hurdles they impose on the development process are significantly reduced.

Themes: Internet of Things , Programming Tools and Abstractions , Network Simulation


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