Kirsten Terfloth, Georg Wittenburg, Jochen Schiller,
FACTS - A Rule-Based Middleware Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks,
In: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on COMmunication System softWAre and MiddlewaRE (COMSWARE '06), 2006.

Abstract: Introducing a middleware layer into wireless sensor networks is a widely accepted solution to facilitate application programming and to allow network organization. In this paper we introduce FACTS, a highly flexible middleware architecture able to provide support for a wide range of different applications. Instead of developing middleware and application apart from one another, we seek to combine them at programming level. Our rule-based language, tailored to this concept and the domain of networked sensors, enables high-level software development. The objective is to combine advantages of event-centric processing and rule-based execution while preserving low resource usage.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Middleware, Event-Centric Architecture, Rule-Based Language, Qualitative Simulation

Themes: Wireless Sensor Networks , Programming Tools and Abstractions


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