Georg Wittenburg, Jochen Schiller,
Running Real-World Software on Simulated Wireless Sensor Nodes,
In: Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks (REALWSN '06), pp. 7-11, 2006.

Abstract: In the domain of wireless sensor networks, simulation is the preferred way of evaluating new algorithms. One commonly found drawback of simulation tools is that they provide a programming environment that does not match the one present on real-world platforms. In this paper, we address this problem by presenting the steps required to port an existing software stack to a popular network simulator. This novel procedure allows for applications to run both in the simulated environment and on real-world sensor nodes without any changes to the source code. We verify our results by means of performance analyses of several simulated applications.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, WSNs, Simulation, ScatterWeb, ns-2

Themes: Network Simulation , Programming Tools and Abstractions , Wireless Sensor Networks


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